Kanye West Says He Wants to Run for President in 2024 and Reveals He Might Change His Name


Kanye West has actually revealed his strategies to run for president in 2024 —– however prior to possibly moving into the White House the rap artist may alter his name.

Speaking at Fast Company’’ s Innovation Festival, West, 42, was signed up with on phase by his Yeezy partner Steven Smith.

““ When individuals’state it ’ s crass to call yourself a billionaire, I state I may lawfully alter my name to Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West for a year till y’’ all comprehend precisely what it is,” ” he stated.”“It will be on the license plate. ”

. When West moved the discussion to his strategy to run for president, #ppppp> That ’ s.


“ When I run for president —” in 2024– ” West stated, to laughter from the audience. ““ What y ’ all making fun of? ”


West stated that if he were chosen president, he would ““ produce many tasks.””


“ I ’ m not going “to run, I ’ m going to stroll, ” he stated. — “ What they ’ re stating is Kanye ’ s insane– one and 3 African Americans remain in prison and all the celebs remain in’prison likewise due to the fact that they’can ’ t state absolutely nothing due to the fact that they ’ re so terrified. ”


West likewise stated he thinks African American citizens are dealt with as a “ market ” alone, something he stated he has actually experienced as an African American designer.

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“ As black designers out of America, you can’’ t have a viewpoint,” ” he stated. “ You can just be the customer … you can just be a market.””


“ And that a conference room states ‘ this is the black group … This is who you ’ re expected to “vote on, ” he continued. “ This is what you ’ re expected to purchase. This is your Popeye ’ s chicken sandwich you ’ re expected to consume’on. I have actually seen the conference room and’back. And it ’ s entirely the principle of a market. ”


The discussion later on turned from politicsto developments that West is making as a designer.


The “ God Is ” vocalist stated that Yeezy is distinguished from other “brand names” in part due to the fact that he doesn ’ t follow the normal cycles of the fashion business’.


“ We wear ’ t put a timeline on things, ” West stated. “ The concept of competitors that ’ s out there assists provide a timeline. It makes things be much better. Due to the fact that Yeezy is the Apple of garments, forces as creatives to bring things to market. There hasn ’ t been an Apple of garments– there hasn ’ t been that —thing. ”


West likewise exposed that he prepares for the brand-new Yeezy tennis shoe to be made partially out of algae which he is moving the business’’ s head office to Cody, Wyoming.

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““ We have 4,000 acre cattle ranch and a number of other homes out there,” ” the dad of 4 stated. ““ We ’ re going to be going and farming seed to plant and have our own cotton, hydroponic farm, hemp farm, and wheat farm … and entering into how we can have last effect with the dyes due to the fact that our colors are a huge signature of the brand name.””


West likewise stated that the business is intending to be more ““ accountable. ”


“ So coloring is among the main points that’’ s affecting the world in the fashion business so simply being accountable from A to Z,” ” he stated. “ Our objective within the next 2 years is to bring the production back to America, South America, and North America and bring it back stateside and likewise present tasks for individuals back here.””


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