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Newly-leaked government documents offer the first official look at the mass brainwashing and imprisonment of the Uighurs, a Muslim ethnic minority group in the western China region of Xinjiang, implemented by the Communist Party.
Among other details, the new data shows how camp officials are to “increase discipline and punishment” and how prisoners must be confined for at least a year and exhibit a change in behavior, language, and beliefs before they can be released.
The new documents contradict the party’s claim that the camps were to counteract terrorism and extremism and for Uighurs to voluntarily “re-educate” themselves.
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In recent years, the Chinese Communist Party has overseen the mass imprisonment and suppression of an estimated 3 million Uighur Muslims, an ethnic group native to western China whose population the Communist Party views as terrorists.

Nearly 500 prisons and camps have been established in the western China region known as Xinjiang, or East Turkestan as many Uighurs call it.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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